Phuket, Thailand 1
The View From Our Patio in Karon Beach, Phuket
Beautiful Sunsets Every Night.
Our Hotel in Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand
A Best Western Right Across From the Beach.

After the somewhat heaviness of Cambodia - we were thrilled to have some down time at the beaches. Suzan was extremely grateful for the running trail around the lagoon - her first run in five weeks of traveling! Pure Heaven! We also had swimming pools on several levels of our hotel (one right out of our door which made relaxation time very easy).

Just One of the Beautiful, and Very Large Sun,
Sunsets From Our Patio

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A Beautiful Buddhist Pagoda Located in Karon
Beach. Sparse Inside Though Pretty Exterior
Rows of Beach Chairs and Umbrellas Await
the Sun Soaking Tourists, Mostly Europeans.
Street Life. A Store and Gas Station Located
in the Front of a Person's House

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The Pretty and Very Fragrant Plumeria. White,
Red, Pink Varieties Located on Phuket
Suzan Being Consumed by this Beach God
Statue That Protects the Beach and Inhabitants
Adding to Our Numerous Modes of Travel, Jim
Boards the Boat to Take Us to Coral Island

We took a power boat from Chalong Bay to our resort (about a 20 minute THRILL ride). The swells in the sea had our boat slapping against the waves and thrashing to the right and left. So glad to disembark and the quaint Coral Island Resort (only one on the island) made the trip so worth it.

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Welcome to Coral Island, off the Coast of Phuket
No Vehicles Allowed, Only Foot Power
The View From Our Beach Front Bungalow on
Coral Island. It Was Nice Falling Asleep to the Crashing Surf

When we arrived at our resort, we walked through the sand to an open air reception area. A young Thai woman greeted us with a ladle and large bucket and poured water over our feet and then dried them off for us. Another person came out with two pink cocktails and we sat down on comfortable chairs to fill out our paper work. What a greeting!

A Re-enactment of An Actual Event. Jim Was
Watching the Beach and Boing!!! OUCH!

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Looking Back Down the Beach at Our Beach
Front Bungalow and the Clear Water

The entire amount of beach here was about 1/8 to 1/4 mile so we took many beach walks daily. We could snorkel right out of our front door so we spent most of the time in the water chasing colorful fish and enjoying a multitude of coral reefs (colors and shapes). When I'd look for Jim inevitably I'd see his feet sticking out of the water - he's one that wants to explore every inch of the area. On land we did have a small trail (10 minutes max) through a jungle which led to another beach - Jim also enjoyed daily checks for monitor lizards - Suzan used this trail for running (back and forth, back and forth)!

A "Longboat" Heading Out to Sea For a Day of